Teach at OLLI-UA:

Share your Knowledge and Expertise as an OLLI-UA Study Group Leader (SGL)

Everyone accumulates a significant wealth of knowledge and skills in their professional and personal lives. You are invited to share your talents by leading an OLLI-UA class for a group of curious, engaged, and thoughtful individuals.

OLLI-UA is known for its high quality classes or study groups as we call them. Our SGL ranks include active and retired academics, graduate students, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers, psychologists, and more - all with an amazing range of experience and backgrounds. Subject areas include history, arts, culture,  crafts, cooking, health, self help, current events, literature, philosophy, religion, technology, science, math, social sciences, travel, entertainment and much more. With four campuses and 1,200+ members your efforts will be warmly welcomed. 

Video Above: Learn why SGL Dan says, "OLLI-UA is the best teaching gig I have ever had in my life."


A Few Basics

  • Although many study groups are led by members, OLLI-UA membership is not required to participate as an SGL.
  • All of our SGLs volunteer their time and there is no monetary payment. Many SGL's argue true payment comes from being part of our community of curious and passionate members, all dedicated to the joy of lifelong learning.
  • Class formats vary widely from single session to full 12-week guided lecture/ discussion curriculum.
  • SGLs are able to teach across all our different campuses.
  • Each campus' study groups are determined by its volunteer Curriculum Committee, and run on a slightly different calendar, some with varying lengths of sessions. Campus specific information can be found on the submission forms below.


Come lend your talents and share in the joy of learning!

If you have knowledge, skills, or a passion for a topic, you can submit a proposal to the campus(es) of your choice. Complete your course proposal by clicking the campus(es) below:

OLLI-UA After Hours:     Fall 2018  - Oct 11 to Nov 17 (6 weeks) - Proposals due by Jul 30, 2018*

Central Tucson:     Spring 2019  - Jan 21 to Apr 12 (12 weeks) - Proposals due by Oct 15, 2018*

Green Valley:     Spring 2019 Jan 21 to Mar 29 (10 weeks) - Proposals due by Oct 8, 2018*

Northwest Tucson:     Spring 2019 - Feb 4 to Apr 26 (12 weeks) - Proposals due by Oct 31, 2018*

Southeast Tucson:     Spring 2019 - Jan 28 to Apr 5 (10 weeks) - Proposals due by Nov 5, 2018*

* Please note: submissions are considered as they come in. The sooner you apply, the better chance your requested schedule will be approved.

Learn why UA outreach professionals love teaching at OLLI

 “OLLI provides a superb link between outreach-minded academics and a refreshingly motivated audience.…We learned from that first course to prepare differently... In particular, most of us were surprised by the number and type of questions asked. Guided discussion turned out to be a better format than a lecture series.” - Insights by SGLs from the Linguistics Department at the University of Arizona