OLLI-UA is spread over the greater Tucson regions with five centers of activity, which we refer to as "Campuses."  Our Green Valley campus operates to the South; Northwest Tucson covers Marana and Oro Valley to the north; the Central Tucson campus is located at 1st and Wetmore; and Southeast Tucson near Vail and Rita Ranch. Our newset campus, OLLI-UA After Hours, operates out of the Central Tucson facility. Each campus is distinct in the length of its classes, the fees it charges, and the locations where classes are held. 

For more specific information about each of our campus locations, please click the links below: 

Central Tucson - 
Tucson Central Membership is currently suspended, but we welcome adding your name to our list so you can be notified of openings. Sign up here 

Green Valley

Northwest Tucson

Southeast Tucson

OLLI-UA After Hours - New Starting Feb, 2018 - evening and weekend offerings in central Tucson.

All campuses share a commitment to providing anyone over age 50 who has a desire to keep their mind active with opportunities to engage challenging subject matter and connect with members, the University of Arizona, and the larger Tucson community. Not only does OLLI-UA offer intellectual stimulation, but each campus hosts several social events each year and participates in community involvement activities.

All OLLI-UA campuses are heavily volunteer driven. Members are strongly encouraged to get involved by helping with curriculum, social activities and a host of projects in which many hands make light work.