CatCard Request

Your eight steps to becoming a Wildcat.

What is a CatCard? 

The CatCard is the official University of Arizona identification card. All students, faculty, and staff affiliated with the university carry the CatCard for identification. The CatCard features a digitized photo, digitized signature, Contactless SmartChip, and magnetic stripe. Having a CatCard allows a wide range of on-campus services such as checking out library books, photocopying, printing, parking, and many times, restaurant discounts around the University area. As an OLLI-UA member, you have the ability to get one for yourself! The process is NOT simple, but we can help with the process if you need guidance; please review all steps first. 

If at any point you become stuck in the process, please call the OLLI-UA office at 626-9039. Please do not contact the CatCard office directly. 

Step 1:  Be a current paid member of OLLI-UA

Step 2: Register with the University as an official “Designated Campus Colleague (DCC)” using this form. Note: If you have submitted a CatCard application in the past, please contact the OLLI-UA office. Your application may already be in process. 

Step 3: Receive your UA ID number and create your password (these will be different from your OLLI-UA password)
You will get two separate e-mails from the University (it will take about a week). These emails will be from:
​Please be sure to check your “junk mail” "trash" or “spam” folders.

  • one containing your employee ID number
  • one containing your temporary password 

Write down the Empl ID number and your temporary password.  You will need these later!

If you are having difficulty locating these emails, please call the OLLI-UA office. 

Step 4: Use the system-generated Employee ID (Empl ID) number and password to obtain your UA Net ID.

Go to and follow the instructions for creating a Net ID and password. You can print out instructions for creating a Net ID, from the site here
Write down the Net ID number and your password. You will need to use these to log in and “accept” your designation of DCC status, and to renew your status each year you continue as an active OLLI-UA member. Again, you must keep this password where you can find it easily.

If you are having difficulty creating your NetID or have misplaced your temporary password, you can call UITS (626-8324) for assistance. You will need to provide your Empl ID. If you cannot locate your Empl ID, please call the OLLI-UA office. 

Step 5: Use your new UA Net ID to log in and accept your affiliate (DCC) status. Go to and click on “Employee Self Service.”
Log in using the NetID and password you have created.  
Then click on:  Main Menu--->    Self Service--->   Campus Colleagues 
You will be asked to enter some basic information and then be presented with the DCC agreement.  After reading through the agreement, you must click on the “accept” box in order to obtain a CatCard. 
You will usually become “active” in the system overnight, but if you want to confirm this before coming to campus to get your CatCard, you can call the CatCard office at (520) 626-9162 to ask if you are “active” in the system.

Step 6: Fill out CatCard application. The application can be obtained at the CatCard office or by clicking here.

Step 7:  Go to the CatCard Office and bring with you these items:

  • CatCard application
  • Employee ID number
  • Valid Government or State issued photo ID
  • The CatCard office is located in the Student Union on the main UA campus, address and directions available here.

Step 8: Have your photo taken and receive your CatCard. Come ready to smile, because you will now have a CatCard and be a UA Wildcat!
Once you receive your card, please do not lose it. There is a charge for replacing lost CatCards.

For more detailed instructions, please view the DCC Self-Service Guide.