Central Tucson Campus

Map of Specific Campus Location


Tucson Central Membership is currently suspended, but we welcome adding your name to our list so you can be notified of openings. Sign up here - Our spring semester will begin on January 22.

The Central Tucson campus is located at 4485 N 1st Avenue, on the NW corner of 1st Avenue and Wetmore Road.  Our newly renovated space includes three large classrooms and a member lounge which facilitates the community aspect of our organization.  There are facilities for coffee service, lunch storage and heating, and tables for eating or just gathering. 

There is ample parking in the lot just south of our facility.  Proximity parking is available just east of our entrance for those with mobility concerns.  Access to the River Walk, which connects to over 20 miles of walking and biking trails through out Tucson, is at the north end of our property.  A bike rack is available for our members' use. Please click on the map for directions.


See Central Tucson's current curriculum here. 

Study group sessions are 2 hours in length, and courses meet once a week for four to twelve weeks. Study group sessions take place in three classrooms, for three study periods during the day—resulting in nine course offerings most days. In addition, we offer a series of single sessions on special topics each Thursday at 11:15 am.

Several recent popular classes were:

  • Astronomy, the Far Frontier with Emphasis on the Solar System.  This course featured  a different planet each week using short videos, awesome photographs, and understandable/fun graphics.  
  • Varieties of Religious Experience.  This course approached the nature of religious faith in three ways.  First were discussions led by clergy or laity discussing the nature of their commitments and beliefs.  Second, sessions devoted to a survey of religious customs and history, usually centered around a DVD.  Third, two films expressive of a religious commitment. 
  • Poetry of Joy and Celebration.  Roger Housden in his book, "Dancing with Joy," states that joy and happiness can be unnerving, even embarrassing at times.  This study group spent a few weeks embracing great poems of happiness, celebrating the many colors and freedoms of joy, grace, beauty, and ecstatic insight. 


We have a vibrant set of social activities. “OLLI Dines Out” is a popular monthly event which invites members to an early evening, relatively inexpensive dinner with fellow members.  Local restaurants, varied menus, separate checks and free parking contribute to the success of this program. At the end of each semester we have a social event to bring everyone together.Twice each semester, we negotiate a reduced rate with a local theater or dance group for a Theatre Evening.  Pre-event dinners are an optional addition to the evening. The Social Committee also plans celebrations and provides refreshments for our returning members’ Open Houses and our Art Openings.

Leadership Opportunities:

Members are invited to join committees, run for election to our campus Council, and meet new and returning members by supporting our Help Desk at the beginning of each semester..

Membership Dues:

Annual: $350
Semi-Annual: $300
Upgrade to Annual: $60
Summer Only: $50

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