Green Valley Campus


The Green Valley Campus is focused on the Green Valley and Sahuarita areas.  We have a primary site at the Community Learning Center (1250 W. Continental Road), with multiple classes also offered at La Posada Community Center at La Posada, and occasionally rooms at Quail Creek and BMO Harris Bank. We are a welcoming, engaging, diverse, and supportive environment. All of our locations have ample free parking. Clicking on the map to the right will give specific class locations.


Our standard  study group sessions are 90 minutes in length for one to eight weeks.  However, the classes can last longer depending on location. We have a great diversity of study groups.

Some of our most popular recent classes are:

  • Read The New Yorker with Us

  • Any of the many Religion or Ethics study groups led by Dan Putman

  • Any of the many History or British culture study groups led by Stephen Stillwell.

We tend to have a large variety of field trips to explore the area and offerings around us. Some trips have been to: San Xavier Mission, UA Mirror Lab, Madera Canyon, Historic Canoa Ranch, and the Nogales Produce Warehouses.







  Green Valley Green Valley Green Valley
Semester Dates 4 weeks (6/4 - 6/29)  8 weeks  (9/24 - 11/16) 10 weeks (1/21 - 3/29)
Class Offerings

23+ Classes:
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Coming Soon - Classes Online 7/25 Planning currently underway. Want to lead a Study Group? Submit a proposal here. 
Cost $50 Unlimited Classes / Free to Annual and Spring Members - Click to purchase $180 Annual or $140 Fall Only - Unlimited Classes  $140 Unlimited Classes / Free to Annual 2018-19 Members 
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Help Desk 5/17 - 2:30pm 9/12 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm 1/10 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm

*Dates subect to change.

**Requests can be made at any time during the PRR window. Seats are allocated by the priorities you indicate during the online registration process.


We welcome new members and make sure that they have the opportunity to be introduced during classes. At the end of each semester, we have a social event with entertainment to bring everyone together. Members also participate in Dinners at Homes, where four to six members enjoy potluck dinners at a member's home.

Leadership Opportunities:

Members are always invited to join the committees that make our campus so wonderful: Curriculum, Marketing, Member Services, and Social Functions. The opportunity to be Classroom Hosts and work in partnership with our Study Group Leaders, is always a popular way to be involved. If you have knowledge and passion for anything you'd like to share, you could be Study Group Leader. Members are also actively involved in the planning and execution of events and social events.

Membership Dues:

Annual: $180
Semi-Annual: $140
Upgrade to Annual: $50
Summer: $50

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