OLLI-UA After Hours

Map of Specific Campus Location

Introducing OLLI-UA After Hours (OAH)
A Pilot Evening and Weekend Campus in Central Tucson

Now you can seek new friends and a community that shares the love of learning during times that meet your busy schedule. A new 6 week pilot program featuring classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. ​17 class options over six weeks exploring art, science, technology, history, literature, self-help, travel, social activities and more! New flexible membership options allowing you to try as little or as much as you would like. RSVP to our Discover OLLI-UA After Hours Event on Saturday, January 27th to learn more.

See our recent feature on OLLI-UA and the new program on the Morning Blend.


Classes Start Tuesday, February 13th and run through March 24th. All classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. and Saturday mornings at 10 a.m..


Located at the Central Tucson campus at 4485 N 1st Avenue, on the NW corner of 1st Avenue and Wetmore Road, the facility includes three large classrooms and a member lounge that facilitates the community aspect of our organization. There are accommodations for coffee service, lunch storage and heating, and tables for eating or just gathering. 

There is ample parking in the lot just south of the facility. Proximity parking is available just east of our entrance for those with mobility concerns. Access to the River Walk, which connects to over 20 miles of walking and biking trails through out Tucson, is at the north end of our property. A bike rack is available for our members' use. Please click on the map for directions.

Study Group / Classes:

Study group / class sessions are planned for 90 minutes, and courses will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings (see above for times). Courses will meet once a week and vary in length from a single session to six weeks.  As a pilot program, the curriculum will include typical OLLI-UA offerings including courses in the arts, history, science, literature and social sciences presented by members from the four existing OLLI-UA campuses. We will work to enrich that curriculum to reflect any special interests of the OAH membership.

View and Download the OAH Course Catalog

View Interactive OAH Study Group (Class) Schedule

View and Download Handy Week-at-a-Glance OAH Planner Tool 


Membership and Registration:

Purchase an OLLI-UA After Hours membership that best meets your needs:

Unlimited Membership: Take as many classes as you would like during the six week program for one flat fee of $100. The quickest and easiest option for registration.

Pay Per Class Membership: Pay a base $25 membership fee plus a per class session fee of $15. A great way to get your feet wet with OLLI-UA.
Class session fees vary based on the number of times a class meets, for example, a single session (SS) class cost is $15, a class that meets three times has a fee of $45 (3 x $15). This option is best for individuals who would like to take a combination of classes that meet 1 to 4 times. Note: If you take a combination of classes that meet 5 or more times the unlimited membership is the best and easiest pricing option.
Membership is only good for OLLI-UA After Hours classes and does not apply to other OLLI-UA campus programs. 

Priority Registration for OLLI-UA After hours runs from Jan 22nd to Feb 5th. Once you purchase a membership it allows you to begin the registration process. If you chosse a pay per class membership, you pay for classes once priority registration is complete and your final schedule has been set. 

Refund Policy Requests for refunds are rare but are generally honored based on unavailability of a desired course(s) within the first two weeks of a semester.  We encourage registrants to consider multiple offerings or backup classes should they not receive a class of interest. Requests can be made by calling the OLLI-UA office at 626-9039.

Social Activities:

As a pilot program we will call heavily on registered members to help determine the social content. The facility will be available for member use an hour before class time. This should provide opportunities for members to engage socially over coffee or a meal.

Depending on response, we may include an OLLI Dines Out event which invites members to an early evening, relatively inexpensive dinner (or Saturday lunch) with fellow members. Local restaurants, varied menus, separate checks and free parking contribute to the success of this program. 

We will also plan an end of semester event at which we will solicit feedback about the operation of the program.

Leadership Opportunities:

All OLLI-UA campuses are volunteer-led by an elected Council. The pilot program for OLLI After Hours will receive operational support from the Membership and Outreach Committee of the OLLI-UA Board, and members of the Central Tucson Campus.

Members will be invited to take on responsibilities for curriculum, membership programs, financial planning and social activities after the completion of the pilot program. During the pilot program, members will be encouraged to assist in class hosting functions, AV support, lounge operations and other aspects of the program