OLLI-UA Governance

OLLI-UA is a 501(c)(3) Affiliate of the University of Arizona.  This collaborative effort is overseen by a Program Manager, a Board of Directors, and Campus Councils.  All three entities work together to assure that the program runs smoothly administratively, is governed consistently, and is responsive to members at both the local and the program-wide levels.

Board of Directors 2018-19

Meg Hovell President mmhovell@gmail.com
Lois Connell Vice President mconnell14@cox.net
Nancy Sohn Treasurer sohn.nancy@gmail.com
Robyn Krause Secretary rzimmerkrause@gmail.com
Myrna Feldman Director sandmfeldman@aol.com
Loring Green Director loring.green@gmail.com
Linda Heidle Director lrheidle1@gmail.com
Paula Kulina Director garlina@cox.net
Sheldon Trubatch Director sheldon.trubatch@gmail.com

Campus Representatives to the Board

These people are non-voting attendees at Board of Directors meetings. They ensure campus interests are voiced during Board decision making.

Sandra Hamann - Central Tucson

Nancy Anacker - Green Valley

Joane Williams - Northwest Tucson

Lynn Dominiak - Southeast Tucson

OLLI-UA Governing Documents

As a 501(c)(3) Affiliate of the University of Arizona, there are various documents which aid our governance. Please use the links below to see specific documents.

Osher's goals for all OLLIs nationally

OLLI-UA Bylaws (2015)

OLLI-UA Policy Manual (2015)

OLLI-UA Code of Conduct

Affiliation Agreement with the University of Arizona (2017)

Tax Documents:

Finance Committee

Purpose: To ensure fiscal responsibility and compliance with federal, state, and local taxation laws for the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Nancy Sohn, Board Treasurer - Chairperson

Jo DeChatelet
Len Eaton
Myrna Feldman
Loring Green
Linda Heidle
Art Quinn
Joane Williams

Meg Hovell, Board President
Bonnie Moreno, Business Manager
Scott Aldridge, Program Manager

Membership and Outreach Committee

Purpose: To ensure continued growth of OLLI-UA and connect with communities reflective of the population of Southern Arizona.

Lois Connell, Chairperson

Gene Bryan (Southeast Tucson)
Steve Horn (Central Tucson)
Robyn Krause (Northwest Tucson)

Meg Hovell, Board President
Scott Aldridge, Program Manager
Kat Schumann, Program Coordinator



Funds Development Committee

Purpose: To ensure income through member donors, community giving, and corporate gifts.

TBD, Chairperson

Kathie Berry (Green Valley)
Loring Green (Central Tucson)
Linda Heldle (Southeast Tucson)
MaryHellen Kaser (Central Tucson)
Ed Freedman (Green Valley)
Susan Rubin (Central Tucson)
Nancy Sohn (Board Treasurer)
Joane Williams (Northwest Tucson)


Meg Hovell, Board President 
Scott Aldridge, Staff
Kat Schumann, Staff

Cross Campus Curriculum Committee

Purpose: To strengthen the offerings throughout OLLI-UA, by meeting regularly to promote sharing of best practices and troubleshooting challenges.

Meg Hovell, Board President - Chairperson

Roselie Bambrey (Green Valley)
Lois Connell (Green Valley)
Lynn Dominiak (Southeast Tucson)
Sandy Hamann (Central Tucson)
Chuck Holden (Southeast Tucson)
Robyn Krause (Northwest Tucson)
Paula Kulina (Green Valley) 
Kevin McDermott (Southeast Tucson)
Mallory Riegger (Central Tucson)
Bob Sklar (Central Tucson)
Tracy Tishion (Northwest Tucson)

Lois Connell, Membership & Outreach Committee Chair
Scott Aldridge, Program Manager
Kat Schumann, Program Coordinator

Campus Councils 2018-19

Each OLLI-UA Campus has an elected Campus Council of local members to manage the operations of the campus and address immediate campus concerns in line with Board Bylaws and Policies. All Campus Councils have officers and most have additional committee chairpersons to manage specific operations (i.e. curriculum, social, marketing). Any member may run for his/her Campus Council during the annual elections held in March.

See your Council Members: 

Central Tucson Campus Green Valley Campus
Northwest Tucson Campus Southeast Tucson Campus