OLLI-UA Membership Fee Waiver Request

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to join OLLI-UA and share in the experience of lifelong learning. To support this belief, OLLI-UA has a limited number of Membership Fee Waiver opportunities, some full, some partial, and always for those who could not otherwise belong to OLLI-UA for financial reasons.

Each of our four campuses has a Membership Fee Waiver Committee. It is comprised of three experienced OLLI-UA members from that campus.

All information the committee receives is treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Note: The committee may request more information from the applicants.

In order to ensure as many people can share in the experience of OLLI-UA, the following is part of the Membership Fee Waiver Policy:

  • No one person will be eligible for a fee waiver for more than two years.

  • No more than two members per household will be given a Membership Fee Waiver in a given period.

If you are interested in applying for a membership fee waiver to cover the cost of an OLLI-UA membership, complete the form below to apply for the 2017-2018 academic year. 

The appropriate Campus Membership Fee Waiver committee will contact you and make arrangements for submission of an application fee of $10.00. Should you not be granted a membership fee waiver, your $10.00 application fee will be returned to you.

Any additional contribution toward your membership fee, as you are able, is welcome and appreciated. Please let your contact person know if you are able to pay more than the $10.00 for your OLLI-UA membership.


Which campus are you interested in attending? (Separate forms must be completed if applying for multiple campuses.) Also, please note the locations of each campus and consider the difficulty and expense that you may encounter in attending study groups and functions at each campus. Transportation to and from the campus for study groups and functions is the responsibility of each member.
This information will be used for a preliminary review of your circumstances and need. You may be contacted by the Campus Membership Fee Waiver Committee if more information is needed. Additional detailed financial information may be requested. A follow-up telephone interview may be conducted at the discretion of the Campus Membership Fee Waiver committee. All information shared is strictly confidential.