Study Group Listing

OLLI-UA study groups are listed below by day of the week. To view our entire study group schedule is available here.



Title Campus
Frank Sinatra's Recording History and Legacy Northwest Tucson
Arizona State Museum Southeast Tucson
Tohono Chul Botanical Garden Tour Southeast Tucson
Tucson Museum of Art Walking Tour of Historic Homes Southeast Tucson
U of A Tech Park - Update & Tour Southeast Tucson
Creative Culinary Southeast Tucson
Practicing Diplomacy Abroad: The U.S. Embassy Southeast Tucson
SS: Guided Tour of the Jewish Community Center Sculpture Garden Central Tucson
Churchill at War Central Tucson
News and Views with Furman Central Tucson
Poetry Writing Workshop Central Tucson
Growing Herbs and Vegetables in Tucson Central Tucson
High Energy Particle Physics: Up Close and Personal Central Tucson
How Your Human Immune System Works Central Tucson
Physiology of Aging Central Tucson
Science News Discussion Central Tucson
The Chemistry of Nutrition Central Tucson
SS: All About Bees Central Tucson
The Meaning of Life Central Tucson
Documentaries to Make You Think Central Tucson
Philosophy/Religion: The Power of Myth - An Exploration Green Valley
Art/Culture: The Movies of Johanthan Demme Green Valley
Social Sciences: Toward a Better Understanding of the Middle East Green Valley
Other: Current Events with an Emphasis on Foreign Policy Green Valley
History: Sea Chanties and Ballads as Cultural History: Sailors, Ships, and Ports of Call Green Valley
Social Sciences: The Psychology of Aging Green Valley
Art/Culture: Adventures in Music: Brilliance, Diversity, Triumph Green Valley
Health/Self Help: Perspectives on Aging: Research and Resources Green Valley
Other: Yellowstone Grizzly Bears: 50 Years of Controversy Green Valley
Social Sciences: A Common Language Green Valley
Social Sciences: The Aging Brain Green Valley
Art/Culture: Great American Musicals - Part II Green Valley
Art/Culture: The Great Debate: Advocates and Opponents of the American Constitution Green Valley


Title Campus
Field Trip: UA Center for Creative Photography Northwest Tucson
Field Trip: Pima Air & Space Museum Northwest Tucson
Field Trip: Titan Missile Museum Northwest Tucson
Laugh Stretch and De-Stress Northwest Tucson
Tour of the Arizona History Museum (Arizona Historical Society) Northwest Tucson
Tour of the Arizona State Museum Northwest Tucson
Field Trip: UA Museum of Art Northwest Tucson
World War I in the Middle East Southeast Tucson
Gems & Jewelry Southeast Tucson
The Civil War Southeast Tucson
OLLI-UA Presents Southeast Tucson
Following the Rogue Theatre IV Central Tucson
Masterworks of Classical Music Central Tucson
TMA Docents Art Talks III Central Tucson
Case Studies in American Democracy Central Tucson
General MacArthur & General Stilwell s WWII Intel structure Central Tucson
Origins of the American Form of Governance Central Tucson
Travel Hints and Glints Central Tucson
The Wings of the Dove, Sec I Central Tucson
Three Golden Age Spanish Dramas Central Tucson
Zama by Antonio Di Benedetti - CANCELED Central Tucson
SS: Effective and Engaged: Mindful Meditation to Strengthen Focus and Tame Stress Central Tucson
Sarver Heart Center Updates Central Tucson
SS: The Psychology of Aging Central Tucson
Death: Certain yet Unknown Central Tucson
History: When Movies Were Young Green Valley
Art/Culture: Unlikely Heroes - Movies Green Valley
Health/Self Help: Open The Door to Tai Chi Green Valley
Science/Math: UA Mirror Lab Tour Green Valley
History: Smuggler Nation, How Illicit Trade Made America Green Valley
Philosophy/Religion: The Life and Legacy of Socrates Green Valley
Social Sciences: Mainstream News and Your Freedoms Green Valley
Health/Self Help: Tucson Electric Power Home Energizer Workshop Green Valley


Title Campussort descending
Special Interest Group: Get Excited About Pillowcases Northwest Tucson
SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) and METI (messages to extraterrestrial intelligence) Northwest Tucson
Peace Corps Adventures in Sierra Leone Northwest Tucson
Special Interest Group: Make Your Own Greeting Cards Northwest Tucson
Special Interest Group: Origami Box Garland Northwest Tucson
Special Interest Group: Jazz Up That Gift Card Northwest Tucson
Tucson Festival of Books C-Span Videos/Discussion Series Southeast Tucson
Photography II: More Fundamentals of Photography Southeast Tucson
Mission Gardens Tour Southeast Tucson
Sooner Than You Think Southeast Tucson
SS: JAZZ in AZ...A Guide to Great Jazz in Tucson Central Tucson
Arts and Crafts for Fun Central Tucson
SS: Medicare Updates for Pima County 2018 Central Tucson
Beatles Fun Central Tucson
SS: Physics: Link between Digital Sound and Napoleon's Invasion of Egypt Central Tucson
Film Discussion Group Central Tucson
SS: The Intensity of Israel Central Tucson
Reading the New Yorker Central Tucson
The Reach of Islam - Part 2 (Summer Students) Central Tucson
SS: Update From ICE Detention in the Era of Trump Central Tucson
Book Group: Focus on Our Founding Fathers Central Tucson
Intermediate Conversational Spanish Central Tucson
Poetry Discussion and Reading: Risking Everything Central Tucson
The Wings of the Dove, Section II Central Tucson
Landscape Evolution Central Tucson
SS: Advance Directives and Informed Consent: A Slippery Slope Central Tucson
SS: Angels in Fur Central Tucson
SS: Artificial Intelligence - Status and Impact Central Tucson
SS: Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, and Friends Central Tucson
SS: Humanitarian Aid and Immigration Along the Arizona-Mexico Border Central Tucson
SS: iPad and iPhone Photo Editing Central Tucson
History: Bad Dudes 101 Green Valley
Art/Culture: BritComs I - The Good Life Green Valley
Other: SCOTUS and the Federal and State Court Systems Green Valley
Art/Culture: The Evolution of Archetypes and Identity in the Corridos of the Borderlands Green Valley
Other: Four Good Films You May Have Missed Green Valley


Title Campus
Aymara Perspectives on Development in the Andes, etc. Northwest Tucson
A Passage to the Amazon Northwest Tucson
Larcena Pennington Page Scott and Daughter Mary Ann Page Northwest Tucson
Kartchner Caverns Tour Southeast Tucson
Colossal Cave Tour Southeast Tucson
Flandrau Planetarium Southeast Tucson
Biosphere II tour Southeast Tucson
Whipple Observatory Tour Southeast Tucson
West African Art and World View Central Tucson
Code Breaking in WWII Central Tucson
Heraldry: Coats of Arms, etc. (i.e., All That Colorful Formal Stuff) Central Tucson
Semper Reformanda: Transforming the Church, Then and Now Central Tucson
The Reach of Islam - Part 1 & 2 Combined (New Students) Central Tucson
Beginning Spanish Central Tucson
Intermediate Beginning Spanish Central Tucson
Literacy as a Language Process Central Tucson
Astronomy with Geosciences Central Tucson
Development of the Earth Central Tucson
Documentaries for Better Health Central Tucson
Television From the 60's Through the 70's - a Transformation of What We Watched Central Tucson
History: An Introduction to Spanish Colonial Arizona Green Valley
Social Sciences: Archaeology and Cultures of Arizona Green Valley
Science/Math: Wild AZ: Current Topics on Wildlife and Natural Resource Conservation and Management Green Valley
Social Sciences: Understanding Money, Banking and Finance Green Valley
History: Native American Genocide (1607-1890) Green Valley
Art/Culture: An Introduction to Modern Art in the U.S Green Valley
Other: The Nogales Produce Industry, Past and Present I Green Valley
Art/Culture: Marat/Sade - The Most Difficult Film, Ever Green Valley
Science/Math: The Biology of Birds Green Valley
Art/Culture: Glass Art in Tucson: Finding and Doing Green Valley
Reading/Literature: A Literary Decade -- The 1920's Green Valley